Construction and real estate 

Representing the interests of large construction companies and developers. Legal support of real estate transactions, complex litigation, support in bankruptcy proceedings and criminal defense.

For many years we have been protecting the interests of companies in the construction industry. About 40% of the law firm’s projects each year fall on construction and real estate disputes. We represent clients’ interests in courts, optimize taxation, and protect against raider seizure of real estate. Among the company’s projects there are a number of high-profile cases in which lawyers achieved the return of assets totaling over 10 billion rubles.

The services of real estate lawyers include:

  • Due diligence of real estate objects, Greenfield / Brownfield projects.
  • Support during the implementation of state development and PPP projects.
  • Legal support for the construction of real estate objects, consulting at the commissioning stage.
  • Optimization of taxation of construction companies.
  • Representation of interests in litigation under a construction contract and other disputes regarding real estate objects.
  • Land disputes, contesting the cadastral value.
  • Support in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Counteraction to raider seizures of real estate.