Criminal law 

Protection of individuals subject to criminal prosecution, including suspects, accused and witnesses during the preliminary investigation and in court. Restoration of the rights of victims.

Our criminal lawyers have over 13 years of experience in defending business representatives.

The success of the case largely depends on the legal work in criminal cases at the pre-investigation stages, which often makes it possible to exclude the initiation of a case or prepare for the investigation. If there are grounds for initiating a criminal case against you, we will prepare an opinion on the risks and prosecution and methods of minimization, and we will conduct an independent legal investigation.

The services of lawyers in criminal cases include:

  • Business protection during pre-investigation and police inspections;
  • Protecting the interests of business representatives during interrogations and during investigative measures;
  • Analysis of criminal law risks;
  • Defense in criminal court:
    • in the case of bringing the principal to criminal liability for giving / receiving a bribe and commercial bribery;
    • for malfeasance, including abuse of office;
    • in criminal cases of an economic nature
    • criminal legal protection against raiding;
    • in criminal cases of tax crimes (tax evasion);
  • Protection of the rights of the victim of a committed crime (including in case of refusal to initiate a criminal case).