Utilities and infrastructure 

Accompanying commercial, construction companies, as well as utility providers. Representation of interests in litigation on debt collection for utility services, criminal defense.

Rezolut lawyers have extensive experience in protecting business rights in disputes with housing and communal services and criminal cases in this area. We help companies to legally commission new buildings, structures and infrastructure facilities. Experience and knowledge of the most vulnerable provisions of the contract for the supply of resources allows lawyers to create a secure contract for the supply / acceptance of electricity, water, heat, gas supply in order to avoid claims from service providers.

We have unique experience in supporting concession agreements for various engineering infrastructure facilities in Yekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk Region.

The services of lawyers on housing and communal services include:

  • Obtaining approvals from utilities at the stage of putting buildings into operation.
  • Optimization of taxation of housing and communal services enterprises.
  • Protection of suppliers / consumers of the resource in disputes regarding accrued payments. Reducing (challenging) fees for connecting to utilities.
  • Appealing against the actions of utility providers to the OFAS.
  • Challenging decisions of the court and OFAS.
  • Criminal legal protection of the interests of companies, legal investigations in the field of housing and communal services.