Administrative law and audits 

Legal support in administrative disputes of legal entities. Organization of the enterprise in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory and supervisory authorities.

Our lawyers have been protecting the rights of entrepreneurs in the field of administrative law for more than 6 years. We know how to organize the work of a company for compliance with construction, environmental, technical standards, fire safety rules, etc.

Experience shows that it is most beneficial to rebuild internal processes and assign responsibility in advance, which will reduce the risk of claims from supervisory authorities.

The services of Rezolut lawyers in the area of “Administrative Law / Inspections” include:

  • Pre-trial settlement of administrative disputes;
  • Audit and preparation for inspections of a legal entity by state supervisory authorities;
  • Legal analysis and legal support for bringing the activities of the enterprise into compliance with regulatory legal acts, GOSTs, SNIPs, etc.;
  • Legal support of a legal entity during inspections of Rospotrebnadzor, Rostekhnadzor, Rosprirodnadzor, Ministry of Emergency Situations and other bodies (in a pharmacy, hotel, office, store, at an industrial enterprise, in dentistry, etc.);
  • Accompaniment during prosecutor’s checks;
  • Appealing the results of inspections.
  • Representation in administrative court. Challenging decisions on bringing to administrative responsibility, orders of control and supervisory authorities, representations of the prosecutor’s office.