Comprehensive support for bankruptcy proceedings. Protection of the interests of any participants in bankruptcy cases – debtors, creditors, and other persons participating in a bankruptcy case and in an arbitration process in a bankruptcy case.

Our company has extensive experience in litigation in the bankruptcy of legal entities. In their work, lawyers use the tools accumulated over the years with a thorough analysis of the situation, including the development of an action plan and a preliminary assessment of the financial condition of the debtor. Rezolut’s lawyers have extensive experience of participating in major bankruptcy proceedings both on the part of the debtor and on the part of the creditor, which makes it possible to implement projects of high complexity.

The list of legal services for bankruptcy includes:

  • Assets audit to prevent bankruptcy.
  • Legal support in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Representation of interests in separate disputes on bringing controlling persons (directors, other officials, participants, shareholders, etc.) to subsidiary liability.
  • Representation of interests in disputes on challenging transactions in bankruptcy cases
  • Legal support in bankruptcy of individuals with large amounts of debt, preservation of assets in bankruptcy.