Vasily Dryga achieved the cancellation of the decision of the court of first instance and the restoration of the violated rights of the buyer of expensive real estate
The principal of the company got into a difficult situation after buying an expensive apartment worth about 12 million rubles in the center of Yekaterinburg. So, after the conclusion of the sale and purchase agreement, the transfer of funds, the submission of the entire set of documents to the Rosreestr authorities and the transfer of […]
From September 1, 2015, new conditions for the registration of an unauthorized building in ownership
01.09.2015 the Federal Law of 13.07.2015 entered into force. No. 258-FZ “On Amendments to Article 222 of Part One of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and the Federal Law” On the Enactment of Part One of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation “, which regulates new conditions for registration of unauthorized construction. […]
Attorney-partner Andrey Bochkarev defended the interests of a client – an LLC participant in a corporate dispute
Rezolut’s partner lawyer Andrey Bochkarev successfully defended the client’s interests in the Arbitration Court of the Sverdlovsk Region in a corporate dispute. In a claim filed on behalf of a client – a member of a limited liability company, the decision of the Arbitration Court invalidated interdependent major transactions made by the director of the […]
Rezolut’s lawyers recovered the large damage caused from the materially responsible employee of the Principal
The Ishimsky District Court of the Tyumen Region agreed with the arguments of the Rezolut lawyers, having satisfied the claims for the recovery from the employee of material damage caused to the last employer in the performance of his labor duties. The damage was caused to the Company, which is a longtime client of Rezolut. […]