Rezolut Law Firm among the leaders in the Pravo-300 rating of Russian law firms based on the results of 2022
On the eve of Lawyer’s Day, an annual awards ceremony is held for the leaders of the Pravo.ru-300 national rating – the largest research on the legal market in Russia. The rating results shows for courts and clients, how they can which they can evaluate the level and professionalism of legal consultants. And for lawyers, […]
Rezolut associates successfully passed another certification
Rezolut law firm held its regular annual certification of employees. Its main tasks are to comprehensively assess the level of knowledge, practical and business skills of employees, determine the suitability of the qualifications of candidates for their position, and identify prospects for professional development and career growth of employees. Based on the results of the […]
Rezolut has secured its position among the leaders of the Pravo.ru rating of litigators
Rezolut Law Firm has once again been awarded the title of leader in the litigation market according to the Pravo.ru portal. As part of this study, leaders were identified in the most highly competitive branch of legal consulting – the resolution of arbitration disputes. The study took into account the number of cases, the total […]
Source: Право.ru
Rezolut law firm was named among the leaders of the legal services market in 2022 according to the Kommersant
Kommersant has published the results of its annual Legal Services Market Leaders 2022 ranking, which identified the best legal and industry practices. According to the results of the study, Rezolut Law Firm was noted in the following categories: “Best Legal Practices“: – Criminal law. Official and economic crimes; – Arbitration proceedings. Resolution of commercial disputes: […]
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