Rezolut associates successfully passed another certification

Rezolut law firm held its regular annual certification of employees. Its main tasks are to comprehensively assess the level of knowledge, practical and business skills of employees, determine the suitability of the qualifications of candidates for their position, and identify prospects for professional development and career growth of employees.

Based on the results of the certification, decisions are made on the certification of the employee, his promotion or the preservation of his current position.

Attested candidates prepare in advance and submit to managers a description of their achievements in work over the past period, after which each candidate is interviewed.

Employees of all groups of positions were presented for the next attestation – from legal assistant to senior lawyers.

Based on the results of the certification, a decision was made on the successful completion of it by all employees, in addition, the results of the certification served as the basis for the promotion of four employees.

Based on the results of a year of her successful work as a legal assistant, Maria Misiryants was nominated for the position of a junior lawyer.

Roman Smirnov, who holds the position of a junior lawyer, was promoted to the position of a lawyer based on the results of his work over the past attestation period.

Junior lawyer Elizaveta Gerasimova, having shown initiative, responsibility and desire for further growth, has upgraded her category within the framework of her current position.

Senior lawyer Anastasia Ramazanova, having shown a high level of professional achievements in the implementation of projects, was transferred to the position of leading lawyer.

We congratulate all lawyers on successfully passing certification and obtaining new professional statuses, within which they will be able to demonstrate a new level of responsibility and competencies.