“Another attempt to interfere in business”: 4 questions in the “Rolf” case

Claims to the valuation of assets in corporate transactions have increasingly appeared as the reasons for criminal cases against businessmen. The case of the founder of “Rolf” became another example – after the cases of Calvi and Abyzov.

Andrey Bochkarev, a lawyer for Rezolut Law, commented to RBC on the criminal case against Petrov and top managers of Rolf under Part 3 of Art. 193.1 of the Criminal Code. The lawyer said that this article was introduced relatively recently – in August 2013, and the law enforcement practice on it began to develop only in 2016.

“Many businessmen underestimate the risks associated with the withdrawal of their earned money abroad. Recently, in connection with the tightening of currency control, such criminal cases began to appear more and more, ”the lawyer said.