Rezolut has been among the leaders of the legal services market for the second year in a row according to the Kommersant

On April 5, Kommersant Publishing House published the results of its annual rating «Leaders of the Legal Services Market», which determined the best legal and industry practices by the end of 2022.

The rating «Leaders of the Legal Services Market» according to the Kommersant Publishing House annually presents the results of a multi-stage study and analysis of the best practices of leading players in the field of law.

According to the results of the study, Rezolut Law Firm was awarded in the following nominations:

«Best legal practices: regional rating»:

  •  Arbitration proceedings. Commercial Dispute Resolution: mid-market – band 1 top 15·
  • Dispute resolution in courts of general jurisdiction. Disputes from Property Relations – band 1 top 15
  •  Family and Inheritance Law – band 1 top 10
  •  Criminal law. Economic Crimes – band 1 top 15

«Best branch practices: regional rating»:

  •  Construction and real estate: disputes band 1 – top 15
  •  Construction and real estate: consulting – top 15

Also, Rezolut Law Firm lawyers are separately marked in the rating:

«Individual rating of lawyers: regions»:

  • Resolution of commercial disputes band 1 – Vasily Dryga
  • Dispute resolution in courts of general jurisdiction – Vasily Dryga
  • Construction and real estate band 1 – Vasily Dryga
  • Criminal law: official crimes – Andrey Bochkarev

«Individual rating of lawyers: rising stars»:

  • Settlement of commercial disputes – Anastasia Ramazanova
  • Dispute resolution in courts of general jurisdiction – Radmila Isakidis, Anastasia Ramazanova

Thus, Rezolut was able to surpass its last year’s result. If by the end of 2021 Rezolut Law Firm was awarded in 2 categories – «Best Legal Practices» and «Best Industry Practices», then by the end of 2022 Rezolut Law Firm was already awarded in 4 categories, including individual ratings of leading lawyers in Russia.

Rezolut Law Firm has managed to improve its position on already established practices, which were noted last year. For example, in 2022 in the nomination «Arbitration proceedings. Commercial dispute resolution: Mid-market» band 1 Rezolut took 1st place among legal practices at the regional level, while in 2021 Rezolut stopped in the same nomination in band 2 – top 15.

Rezolut has managed not only to strengthen its position in the practices in which it was previously noted, but also to take a position among the leading law firms in Russia in a new, in comparison with the previous year, nomination – family and inheritance law, entering the top 10 best regional law firms in Russia in this practice.

Congratulations to the Rezolut Law Firm team, and also thank the Kommersant publishing house for the conducted research and a worthy assessment of our activities!

Source: Коммерсантъ