Having achieved a court verdict, lawyers of Rezolut returned the stolen goods in civil proceedings

A number of crimes have been committed against Rezolut’s client, including kidnapping, extortion and arbitrariness. Rezolut partner lawyer Andrei Bochkarev earlier achieved the establishment of a circle of guilty persons and bringing them to criminal responsibility. The performers and organizers were sentenced to long, real terms of imprisonment. However, when passing the verdict, the court did not resolve the claim on the merits, in connection with which the lawyers of the civil law direction of Rezolut initiated the relevant litigation.

One of these claims was a demand for the guilty party to compensate for the losses caused by the alienation of the victim’s property. Attorney-partner Andrey Bochkarev and senior lawyer Anastasia Ramazanova filed an independent statement of claim in defense of the principal, substantiating the amount of damage caused by the crime. The court satisfied the claims in full.

The opponent’s attempts to appeal against the decision were also unsuccessful. The decision came into legal force.