Partner – attorney Bochkarev Andrey achieved the termination of the client’s criminal prosecution in the case of fraud

In December 2016, the Client, who was in Moscow on a business trip, reported his detention by police officers of the city of Kaluga region on suspicion of committing fraud as part of an organized group and being transferred to Kaluga.

On the same day, the partner – lawyer Andrey Bochkarev left for Kaluga, where he entered into a criminal case as a defender of the Client.

Already in the first days of the investigation of the criminal case, Andrey Bochkarev managed to convince the investigating authorities that there was no need to choose such a measure of restraint as detention for the Client, in connection with which the Client was released from the temporary detention center on recognizance not to leave.
Subsequently, Andrey Bochkarev, together with the Client, within 5 months carried out a thorough work to collect evidence of the defense and provide it to the investigating authorities.

As a result of the work carried out, the investigation authorities made a decision to terminate the criminal prosecution of the Client.