Partner lawyer Andrei Bochkarev achieved the termination of the criminal case at the pre-trial stage

In 2016, the Investigation Department for the Novouralsk City District, at the request of the director of the organizations, opened 3 criminal cases against the former accountant. According to the investigation, the accountant misled his management and embezzled the companies’ funds. The defense of the accountant-client of Rezolut was led by lawyer-partner Andrey Bochkarev. In the process of defending the client, evidence was obtained confirming the innocence of the client of Rezolut, and proving that all the funds received were paid to the employees of the companies as bonuses. The payments made were not recorded in the accounting records at the direction of the company management in order to reduce the tax burden. The work carried out in the criminal case, as a result of which the investigator was provided with irrefutable proof of the innocence of the client Rezolut, made it possible to achieve the termination of the criminal prosecution of the client.