Pre-trial settlement of a dispute

Partner lawyer Andrei Bochkarev held negotiations with the client’s counterparties and resolved a complex controversial legal dispute without bringing it to court.

A large industrial enterprise in the city of Yekaterinburg turned to the lawyers of Rezolut Law Firm for help.

The head of the organization required expert assistance in negotiations to resolve a disputed conflict with one of the company’s regular suppliers. An unscrupulous counterparty supplied substandard – defective components that were used in the key production cycle, which led to the failure of expensive equipment, breakdown of the components themselves, and most importantly, damage to a large batch of products.

The complexity of the situation was that the supplier categorically denied the presence of defects in his products and explained the reason for the breakdown by unprofessional actions when using his products and a violation of the technological process during production.

However, Rezolut partner lawyer Andrey Bochkarev, having built a legal position, was able to competently conduct protracted negotiations, convince the supplier to admit his guilt in the supply of defective components and damage to the batch of expensive products, and most importantly to compensate for the loss caused to the client.