Rezolut client released from custody in the courtroom

The client, accused by the investigation of committing grave environmental and official crimes, was detained at the stage of preliminary investigation, after which he was placed, on the basis of a court order, in a pre-trial detention center. Lawyer Andrei Bochkarev carried out thorough and painstaking work on the criminal case, aimed at collecting evidence refuting the arguments of the prosecution, fixing procedural violations committed during the investigation. Taking into account the fact that as a result of the work carried out, the grounds that were taken into account when placing the principal in custody fell away, at the request of the lawyer, the court changed the measure of restraint for the principal to a recognizance not to leave and proper behavior and released him from custody in the courtroom.

Currently, the trial in the criminal case continues, but the release of the company’s client from custody already justifies the amount of work done by Rezolut specialists on the defense side. Now, the company’s lawyers are faced with the task of finally refuting the arguments of the prosecution and obtaining a fair and legal judicial act based on the results of the consideration of the criminal case.