Rezolut Law Firm has given a “new start” to the process of collecting troubled debts on the protracted enforcement proceedings

The Chkalovsky department of bailiffs of the city of Yekaterinburg for 3 years unsuccessfully conducted enforcement proceedings to collect about 10 million rubles from the debtor.

In February 2014, the client turned to the law firm Rezolut for help in recovering bad debts.

Rezolut’s lawyers have started to execute the client’s order, having the task of obtaining the result in the specified enforcement proceedings as efficiently and in a short time as possible.

The lack of results of work in the Chkalovsky district department of the FSSP in Yekaterinburg prompted Rezolut employees to make a strategically correct decision to transfer the enforcement proceedings to the Kirov department of bailiffs in the city of Yekaterinburg, where the debtor’s real estate is located.

Within one week, the enforcement proceedings were transferred to the Kirovsky regional department of the FSSP in Yekaterinburg, after which it received a “new start”.

The well-coordinated actions of the lawyers led to the long-awaited result in the protracted enforcement proceedings.

Thus, as a result of the joint actions of Rezolut employees and bailiffs, the debtor’s movable property was found, arrested and is currently being sold. The process of selling the debtor’s immovable property has been launched, and its travel outside the Russian Federation has been restricted. Regular attendance of the debtor and giving them explanations about the reasons for non-execution of the court decision and the measures taken to pay off the debt was ensured.
At the moment, other actions are also being taken to collect problem debts, the amount of which has already been reduced.