Rezolut lawyers have once again won a dispute with the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation

The principal set an interesting task for the lawyers of Rezolut – to challenge the decision of one of the tax authorities of the city of Yekaterinburg and to recover the costs incurred from it.

The essence of the dispute was as follows – the principal applied to the inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of Russia for the Kirovsky district of the city of Yekaterinburg with an application for registration of a legal entity upon creation, with the attachment necessary for state registration in accordance with Article 12 of the Federal Law No. 129-FZ “On state registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs ”documents. However, by the decision of the tax authority, state registration was denied due to the fact that the address of the residential premises was indicated as the location of the legal entity, the owner of which was not the principal as the sole executive body.

Rezolut lawyers analyzed the current situation and concluded that it was necessary to challenge the act of the tax authority in court.

In the shortest possible time, an application was submitted to the Arbitration Court of the Sverdlovsk Region to challenge the non-normative act of the tax authority. At the hearing, the lawyers of Rezolut, in a dispute with the inspector of the Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service, arguably defended the client’s position and convinced the court to make a decision on recognizing the act of the tax authority as illegal and collecting the costs incurred by the client from the tax authority.