Rezolut partner lawyer Andrey Bochkarev conducted a lawyer investigation and established the circumstances of the tragic accident

At the end of 2013, under unclear circumstances, a relative of the company’s client died in a forest area of ​​one of the districts of Yekaterinburg. The official verification measures did not answer the main question: was the death the result of violent actions or was the result of an accident or suicide. In addition, for several months the relatives of the deceased were unreasonably denied access to the materials of the inspection, and they also had no information about what procedural decision was made based on the results of the inspection.

Andrey Bochkarev, a partner lawyer of Rezolut Law Firm, who had a long experience of working in the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor’s Office, conducted a comprehensive lawyer investigation, during which he studied all the materials of the official pre-investigation check, additionally examined the scene of the incident and the items related to the case, interviewed relatives, colleagues and acquaintances of the victim, received other necessary materials. The collected array of information made it possible to reproduce in maximum detail not only the events that took place on the day of the tragedy, but also for a certain time before and after.

Based on the results of the activities carried out by Andrey Bochkarev and the analysis of the collected materials, the version that an accident had occurred was fully confirmed. The assumption about the commission of actions of a criminal nature was not confirmed and the client’s doubts about the causes of the tragedy were dispelled.