Rezolut partner Vasily Dryga and company lawyer Tatyana Kiseleva defended the Client’s deal in court

In February 2017, Rezolut specialists won a protracted dispute in favor of one of the largest meat processing enterprises in the Sverdlovsk region to reclaim a power supply facility – a complex transformer substation from someone else’s illegal ownership. To date, Rezolut’s lawyers have defended this judicial act in the courts of appeal and cassation.

Unsatisfied with this court decision, the opposing company filed a lawsuit against the client of Rezolut to invalidate the purchase and sale of the substation. Just that transaction, on the basis of which the lawyers proved the client’s ownership and reclaimed the property from the illegal owner.

Apparently not wanting to execute the judicial act that had entered into legal force and transfer the property belonging to him to the meat processing enterprise, the owner of the land plot filed a lawsuit to challenge the transaction to acquire the claimed property.
During the consideration of the case in the Arbitration Court of the Sverdlovsk Region, the company’s lawyers convinced the court that the plaintiff was not interested in declaring the transaction invalid and in the rights to the property transferred under the contract. Also, the arbitration court agreed with the position of the representatives about the presence in the actions of the plaintiff of signs of abuse of law. In addition, the circumstances of the acquisition of ownership rights have already been established by judicial acts that have entered into legal force.

Based on the results of the consideration of the named case, a decision was made to refuse to satisfy the claim to invalidate the transaction for the acquisition of a transformer substation. Moreover, legal costs incurred by the Rezolut client were fully recovered from the negligent opponent.