Rezolut’s lawyers succeeded in bringing the joint-stock company to administrative responsibility

The Rezolut client is a shareholder in one of the largest industrial enterprises. To check the purity of the activities carried out by the management of the joint-stock company, the shareholder has repeatedly requested to provide him with documents related to the economic activities of the enterprise. In particular, in the course of analyzing the available data, Rezolut lawyers were interested in individual large transactions made by the companies. The company and its head evaded the submission of the specified information in due time.

Lawyer Anastasia Ramazanova, in the interests of the client, filed a complaint with the Ural Head Office of the Bank of Russia and presented an irrefutable amount of evidence confirming the violation of a shareholder’s rights.

According to the results of the audit, the joint-stock company was brought to administrative responsibility under Part 1 of Article 15.19 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation. Arguments about the insignificance of the violation were rejected.

Currently, Rezolut’s lawyers have already obtained access to part of the documentation, and also initiated legal proceedings to obtain the missing documents from the public.