The arbitration court recognized the withdrawal from the membership of the corporation as valid

Rezolut was approached by a client who several years ago acquired a stake in a large company. Over time, the assets of the company increased significantly and the value of the share increased significantly. Since the participant was a minority shareholder, the share did not allow him to actively participate in determining the fate of the corporation, he decided to leave the membership, transfer his share to the society and receive its actual value.

However, the society, not wanting to pay a serious amount, in every possible way avoided accepting the participant’s application for secession.

In the interests of the client, senior lawyer of Rezolut Anastasia Ramazanova applied to the court with a statement to recognize the participant as having withdrawn from the company. During the consideration of the case, the corporation tried to limit the rights of the participants to withdraw from the society by calling a general meeting with an appropriate agenda. At the request of Anastasia, the court adopted interim measures prohibiting the company from making changes to the charter in terms of limiting the rights of participants to withdraw from the company.

As a result, by the decision of the Arbitration Court of the Sverdlovsk Region, the claim was satisfied, the withdrawal of the client Rezolut from the list of participants was recognized as valid, the company was obliged to ensure the amendments to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. As a result, the client Rezolut acquired the right to receive the actual value of the share.