The “family-corporate” dispute ended in favor of the client Rezolut

The decision came into force, by which the ex-wife of the client Rezolut was denied recognition as joint property of a share in the authorized capital of the company, the division of this share and payment of the cost of the share to the ex-wife.

The essence of the dispute was that the Rezolut client had acquired the right to participate in a business society before marriage. During the marriage period, the company has grown greatly and the value of the share has increased significantly. At the moment it is a large corporation with expensive assets.

Some time after the dissolution of the marriage, the participant wanted to leave the society, having received compensation for the actual value of this share.

Among other things, lawyer-partner Andrei Bochkarev and lawyer Anastasia Ramazanova were able to build the tactics of protecting the client in such a way that in the court session the ex-wife gave explanations to the questions of representatives and the court, confirming the groundlessness of her claims. From the plaintiff’s explanations, other evidence in the case, the courts of both instances concluded that the spouse did not increase the share, and therefore did not spend family funds, otherwise, the spouse could not be unaware of this, and therefore missed the statute of limitations. The increase in the value of the share occurred due to the success of the company itself.