The recoverer was returned an expensive car that the debtor had hidden for more than 8 months

Often, a dispute won in court ends with the impossibility of obtaining the award at the stage of enforcement proceedings. Debtors conceal the property belonging to them or the property of the claimant, which they are obliged to transfer.

So, for a long period of time, the debtor of the organization – the client of Rezolut – hid an expensive car from the bailiffs and the claimant. Previously, the executive class car was transferred to the future debtor for use for business purposes. After the dismissal, a former employee decided not to return the car. In this connection, the lawyers of Rezolut claimed the said property in court.

For more than six months, the debtor hid the car from the bailiffs and argued that the car was no longer in his possession.

As a result, the lawyers of Rezolut, Yulia Filimonova and Yuri Zhuravlev, filed a number of requests to the bailiffs to summon the debtor and perform enforcement actions, which assumed the debtor’s long stay in the bailiffs department. The requests were granted. The debtor arrived at the enforcement actions in the very car that was supposed to be handed over to the claimant, about which the lawyers immediately informed the bailiff. The car was found a kilometer from the department of bailiffs, placed on a tow truck and handed over to the client, the enforcement proceedings ended in fact.