Vasily Dryga and Andrei Bochkarev defended the rights of the victim and achieved the cancellation of the decision to return the case to the prosecutor

Vasily Dryga and Andrei Bochkarev represent the interests of the Ural Financial and Legal Institute in a high-profile criminal case against an ex-official of the Rosreestr Office in the Sverdlovsk Region, accused of making two deliberately false entries in the unified state register of rights to real estate and transactions with it (Article 285.3 Of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation)

According to the investigation, the state registrar entered false information about the right of a third party to ½ of the building of the institute at the address: Yekaterinburg, st. Karl Liebknecht, 1, and then, contrary to the injunction, registered the contribution of the specified property to the authorized capital of a legal entity.

The Kirovskiy District Court of Yekaterinburg, having examined the materials of this criminal case, concluded that there were unavoidable obstacles to the court’s issuance of a legal decision, that the charges were not concretized and that there were contradictions in it. Based on the results of the preliminary hearing, by the decision of the Kirovsky District Court of Yekaterinburg dated 04.03.2016, the named criminal case was returned to the prosecutor.

Disagreeing with the said decision, the managing partner of Rezolut, Vasily Drygoi, filed an appeal. At the hearing of the court of appeal, the interests of the institute were represented by partners of the company Rezolut Vasily Dryga and Andrey Bochkarev. Based on the results of the consideration of the appeal and the appeal of the prosecutor of Yekaterinburg, the Sverdlovsk Regional Court agreed with the arguments of the appellants and canceled the contested decision of the Kirovsky District Court of Yekaterinburg, sending the case for a new trial from the stage of trial. At the moment, a judicial investigation is underway.