Minimum Bail for Suspects and Accused Changes

Federal Law No. 141-FZ dated 04.06.2014 amended Art. 106 In the Russian Federation, the minimum amount of bail chosen by the court as a preventive measure for a suspect or accused has been reduced from 100 to 50 thousand rubles.

According to Andrei Bochkarev, the lawyer-partner of Rezolut, this change should certainly have a positive effect on the practice of applying such a measure of restraint as bail. Previously, the minimum deposit of 100 thousand rubles was significant and often overwhelming for residents of small settlements, where earnings are much lower than the national average. The judges were forced to follow the path of choosing a preventive measure in the form of detention in cases where the application of another measure of restraint, including in the form of bail, became impossible due to the lack of sufficient funds for the suspect and his family members.

The amendments made to the law will allow courts to more often choose a preventive measure in the form of bail. As a positive result, a decrease in the number of people awaiting the completion of an investigation and trial in temporary detention and pre-trial detention centers, especially when it comes to suspects and accused of non-violent crimes of small or medium gravity, committed for the first time. As a rule, such persons do not pose a threat to society, and their detention does not contribute to correction, and has an extremely negative effect on themselves and their families.