Rossiyskaya Gazeta published amendments to the Federal Law “On Weapons”

04/04/2014 “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” published the Federal Law of the Russian Federation of April 2, 2014 N 63-FZ “On Amendments to Article 13 of the Federal Law” On Weapons “.

In accordance with the amendments made, not only the one who has an unexpunged or outstanding conviction will not receive a permit to acquire weapons, but also those who, albeit a canceled or canceled conviction, but for a grave or especially grave crime committed with the use of a weapon.

Persons who have committed administrative offenses will also have big problems with licensing.

If a person has committed an administrative offense that infringes on public order and public safety or the established management procedure, an administrative offense related to violation of hunting rules, or in the field of illegal circulation of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogues, then before the end of the period during which the person is considered to be subjected to administrative punishment, he will not receive a permit to acquire weapons.

Meanwhile, one cannot speak only of toughening arms legislation.

Amendments to the law simplify the procedure for a law-abiding citizen to acquire a gun, carbine or traumatic pistol.

Thus, amendments to the law clarify the rules for the acquisition of sports pistols. They, along with the cartridges, can be bought by sportsmen-dischargers. And rifled rifles are for Olympic athletes. In addition, the law says about the list of professions, the occupation of which gives the right to purchase a hunting firearm with a rifled barrel. Such lists must be drawn up and approved by regional executive authorities.